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6 Misconception About Water Damage

12/29/2016 (Permalink)

You may think water damage is quite straight forward. However, there are actually quite a few misconceptions about water damage. Here are some common misconceptions to avoid.

It will dry itself

When water leaks into your home and gets onto your floors and walls, there is no doubt that mold will grow if it is not removed properly. The area may appear to be dry, but water can hide in the walls and underneath your flooring, which increases your risk of mold growth. That mold can be extremely expensive to remove the more it spreads and the area will create a musky odor. Water damaged areas begin to stink if they are not completely dried out and treated with the proper antimicrobials. The water will not actually dry on it’s own, but it will seep into other areas and cause damage the more it is able to travel.

It is not a big deal

The mold and bacteria that begin to grow in standing water can cause diseases and infections if left untreated for even just one day. Proper sanitation, disinfection, and anti-fungicide treatments must be applied immediately to ensure that the health of everyone in the area is not compromised. SERVPRO has the equipment and products that guarantee the area is cleaned thoroughly and properly. Do not brush the situation off and think that standing water in your property is no big deal, it has the possibility of becoming a tremendous health hazard if not addressed immediately.

I can dry it myself

This may be many people’s first instinct, but we heavily advise against trying to clean up a large amount of water on your own. This can lead to serious mold growth and eventually cause your flooring or walls to be completely ruined. SERVPRO has the state of the art equipment and skilled technicians necessary to expedite the drying process and save the walls and flooring in your home.

I can’t see it so it’s not there

The tricky part about dealing with water damage is that once water starts to leak, it can hide in your walls, floors, or ceiling after any flood or spill. The SERVPRO advanced technology actually gives us the ability to detect moisture throughout your home so that it is guaranteed that no water can hide and cause further damage. Whether it is water on the floor, or on your belongings, our trained experts are able to detect the moisture and eliminate it quickly so that your home can return to normal.

The cleanup is expensive

The cost of hiring professionals to take care of any water damage is usually the reason people avoid it and attempt the cleanup on their own. The idea that hiring SERVPRO for an inspection and cleaning is going to cost an arm and a leg is actually a myth. The powerful equipment used by our cleaning and restoration specialists are able to both clean and remove contaminants, which saves anyone from having to replace all of their belongings. A few hundred dollars of cleanup and restoration can turn into thousands of dollars of replacement, especially if any of the process is put on hold or delayed. The reality is, you actually save money by bringing SERVPRO in to handle the cleanup and restoration because it will be done correctly the first time.

It is a good idea to check with your insurance company on what they cover as far as water damage goes. It may be that insurance will cover the damage and the whole process will actually result in no money out of your pocket. If that is the case, it will cost nothing to have all of your property and belongings cleaned and restored.

It can wait

Water is the base of all living things and it does not take very long for life to begin to grow in standing water. Mold starts to grow within 24 hours of water left standing and spreads quickly. Take initiative right away so that the situation does not become worse. It is much cheaper to clean up the water and repair the damage than it is to replace entire walls, floors, and furniture. Call SERVPRO of South Brevard immediately and one of our highly trained technicians will respond to your need right away. We have a 24-Hour Emergency Service and are locally owned and operated. You need the company that can respond immediately and has the expertise and equipment to properly restore your property.

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