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What is the difference between commercial and residential drying?

When it comes to commercial drying most of the equipment is the same except a lot more of it is present. Extraction is done the same way in a building as for a ... READ MORE

How do I prepare for a flood?

Flooding can affect your building greatly if you are not prepared for the problems. Having a set plan in place for your business in case of a pipe breaking or h... READ MORE

What do I do after my company suffers a pipe break?

The first thing to do is contact your local mitigation company. Your insurance company will want you to start mitigation right away as to not have further damag... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire had Damaged Kissimmee Home

Kitchen cooking gone bad is our most common fire damage loss in Kissimmee, FL. We see it often and know exactly what we have to do. We remove all the charred ma... READ MORE

Home Fire Restoration in Deer Park

A home damage due to a fire can be devastating. Getting you back into your home after fire damage is what we do best. We use state-of-the-art smoke removal equi... READ MORE

Flooding in Commercial Building

When there is water in your commercial building it needs to be dealt with right away. Any water intrusion from a broken pipe or toilet overflow will need to hav... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Champions Gate, FL

This townhouse in Champions Gate, Florida had experienced a kitchen fire that unfortunately effected the entire unit with smoke and soot. Notice the extent of t... READ MORE

Mold Found in Bathroom Closet in Celebration, FL

This mold was discovered in the bathroom closet which is located beside the tub. This Celebration family was stunned when they located the mold and called us im... READ MORE

Broken Pipe Caused Water Damage in Pionciana, FL

This water damage was caused by a broken pipe in the master bedroom of this Pionciana home. Take a close look at the wood flooring in the before picture. Becaus... READ MORE

Storm Damage to Apartment in Kissimmee, FL

This Kissimmee apartment unit experience some storm damage that resulted in the ceiling collapsing. Along with the ceiling, all the insulation on top fell throu... READ MORE